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williams' show over ten years ago. >> 11 years ago. >> had to remind brian three or furr times his first name was pete. >> right, right. memorable character. we all learned we love pete breen. miss the hell out of you. >> thank you, thank you. >> wish you the best of luck. enjoy the sleep. let us know what it's like. >> i will. >> congrats, man. "the daily rundown" starts right now. have a great weekend, everybody. this is earl. live picture of the hurricane bearing down on the east coast. and affecting labor day plans all over. plus, labor yeah? surprisingly good news in the jobs numbers out just this hour. and hey, ladies. could that special night on the town be unconstitutional? we'll explain. good morning. it is september 3rd, 2010. i'm savannah guthrie. chuck todd is off this week. we'll start with the storm.
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hurricane earl ripping through the east coast as we speak starting in north carolina and headed straight for new england. meteorologist bill karins joins us now. tell us where the storm is right now, how strong it is and is it headed for a direct hit of new england or spared? >> break it all down for you, savannah. the storm weakened considerably and helped out in eastern north carolina. outer bands exiting from the outer banks. virginia beach hit hard and maryland area and beaches in delaware seeing the strongest winds. the storm tracks off the coast for the most part. the heaviest winds and rain offshore and the big waves doing the damage along the coast and the pictures you will see. we have hurricane warnings up for areas of cape cod and the hurricane center thinks it's possible to make a direct impact out on the cape. it is looking more unlikely and still a hurricane warning so we have to wait until they drop that, maybe they'll do that at 11:00. as far as the waves go, 23-foot
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waves right now of virginia beach. that forecast track takes it parallel to the coast today. don't expect a big increase of the winds today in maryland and delaware. jersey area, long island seeing worse today and right off of cape cod later tonight. here's how it looks. as far as the storm goes, the center of the circles where it's located. heaviest of the rains along the jersey shore, new england 2:00 to 4:00 today and then the worst exiting jersey shore about 6:00. racing up the coast for cape cod, rhode island, boston area, the heaviest of the rains will arrive for you later today after dark. and the worst of it right around midnight or so. that's a time line of the storm. and the good news is, savannah, the weather improves dra malt cli. everyone looking at a nice labor bay weekend gets past today. >> as long as they don't have to travel today, bill. it is busy couple of days for
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you. thank you. let's get to a damage assessment. north carolina's barrier islands were the first stop on hurricane earl's east coast run and nbc's ron motte live in kill devils hill, north carolina. what is the situation there? >> reporter: hey, savannah. good morning to you. i think folks here waking up with a smile on their faces getting lucky here. the storm off the shoreline 80 to 100 miles and the best news to get this morning. most of that storm surge was headed parallel to the share line and didn't see that wash coming up doing damage to the beaches here or the properties along the beach and the best news of course is the fact of no significant reports of injuries or fatalities. that is absolutely fantastic. one of the things, though, they will be dealing with as we go on throughout the morning and the rest of the afternoon is localized street flooding. obviously, highway 12 on the way to cape hatteras is always an issue with heavy rains. crews will be trying to deal with that to get the folks back
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in and out of hatteras this morning but people very happy to see that there was very mineral damage here in the outer banks of north carolina. of course, all the weather heading up to the north now and sending it back up to you, savannah. julie martin, of course, in ocean city, maryland. back to you. >> ron mott in kill devil hills, north carolina, breathing a sigh of relief. travelers are watching closely hoping the storm doesn't mess up their plans. we have maria at jfk on long island. i bet people trying to get out fast because come this afternoon who knows what will happen in. >> reporter: that's right, savannah. for now, there's good news. things look good. no real delays or flight cancelations at new york city area airports or the seaboard including atlanta. airlines taken some precautions.
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most major airlines are waiving cancelation fees for travelers nervous about traveling during this time because of the storm and waiving the cancelation fees. there may still be a fare difference fee charged but that is just for fare for cancelation they're fine and if you keep the same itinerary and through the week. we are expecting some high winds and rain in this area later this afternoon. so that could have an impact on these major airports here in new york city. it's also having an impact on some local service, local train service in long island expected to be hit hard and local ferry service. in terms of travel this weekend, aaa says that it is actually up so for this labor day weekend we see about 34.4 million people traveling more than 50 miles away from home, up 10% from last year. hitting the roadways, driving. up 10% from last year and air travel up about 4.5%. more people out this year for the labor day weekend.
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thus far, not a big snag for travel because of hurricane earl. but we could see some of that change later on in the afternoon. savannah? >> all right. nbc's mara shooif coto on duty for us. thanks, mara. we'll move on to the economy. just in within the hour, the jobs report, the white house has been waiting for. and it contained unexpected glimmers of hope. the jobless rate, unemployment rate in august did tick up to 9.6%. but in terms of how many jobs were lost, the numbers were actually better than a lot of analysts had expected. let's get to nbc's mike viqueira live at the white house. mike, i know we are hearing from the president later this hour. certainly, everybody at the white house bracing themselves for yet another bad jobs report. we saw the unemployment rate tick up. >> reporter: right. >> there was a little bit of good news in this. >> reporter: yeah. it is ironic and even though it went up one tenth of 1% that is expected by some economists and
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expected it to be worse and unfortunately for the white house as a political matter, savannah, as well as democrats on the hill, top line number. expectations in terms of voters are sort of baked in. the economy is bad and that is the mind-set heading into the november elections and when that unemployment number regardless of the good news about private sector employment getting a boost, goes up a little bit, it is still hard for democrats to explain that away. ib deed, house republican leader boehner called for the president to get rid of his economic team and repeating the republican mantra, where are the jobs? robert gibbs yesterday saying from the podium some new, big stimulus is not in the offing. that's once again bowing to reality. it seems to be robert gibbs' want in the last couple of days but there's talk now of newishtives by the administration and new rounds of it is a cuts in congress. the president has travel scheduled next week a. labor day
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festival in milwaukee. cleveland. he talks about the economy on wednesday and then a news conference at some point during the day next friday, contessa. >> can't believe you called me contessa. wow. >> reporter: i was waiting for that to happen. >> going on the highlight reel for you, mike viqueira. thanks so much. i know we're wondering if the president's going to unveil the initiatives considering on wednesday and then the press conference on friday. a busy week for us covering the white house. have a good weekend. >> reporter: all right. coming up, if you like roller coasters, you must like this economy. one day teetering on the recession 2.0. next, things are looking up a bit. we'll get a reality check with two experts coming up. later, the political winds seem to favor republicans. what should they do to bring this one across the finish line? we're going to consult somebody who's been there, former house minority leader tom delay joins us live. plus, ladies night and the feeling's wrong? nothing kills a big night out
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my job is to listen to the shrimpers and fishermen, hotel and restaurant workers and find ways to help. i was born in new orleans. my family still lives here. bp is gonna be here until the oil is gone and the people and businesses are back to normal... until we make this right.
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big story this morning. the jobs report for august just in. wall street will chime in when it opens this hour. this august, the unemployment rate rose to 9.6%, that's now 16 straight months it's been above 9%. but more jobs were created than expected. joining us now, the two steves as we like to call them. steven pearlsteen and steve
9:13 am
liesman who we missed when he was on vacation of cnbc. welcome to you both. let's just put the raw numbers up because we got the numbers in. total employment in august, 54,000 jobs lost but here's what people seem to be excited about. the private sector job growth 67,000 plus unemployment rate ticked up to 9.6% and as i asked for reaction what you think wall street will do today, feel free to explain why it ticks up with some job growth. >> me steve? >> good point. steve liesman, that would be you. >> i don't want to step on steve being the other steve. so what -- a couple of things. first of all, nobody is terribly excited about the numbers, still lackluster. not enough to really soak up the new entrants to the work force, 100,000, 125,000 monthly range to do that. but it's better than what was expected.
9:14 am
it is -- they revised up the prior month so that was good. it really the concern on wall street, savannah, the economy was falling off a cliff. we are going to a double dip recession and this kind of data and the other data this week suggests we are not falling off a cliff but slowing down growth from what we had earlier this year. >> do you agree this is a line that perhaps that double dip that everyone fears is not imminent and then bottom line it. this recovery's so slow, people feel like a recession. >> best way to think about it, along the bottom, bouncing up and down for a few years. get used to it. >> few years? >> yes, ma'am. >> when you look at the job growth of 56,000, everybody feels a little bit excited and glad we weren't socked in the stomach again. are there any rays of hope? >> yes. there are some rays of hope. first of all, been adding 90,000
9:15 am
jobs a month for 6 months if you average it out. that's not enough. not 125,000 which we need to absorb the new entrants into the work force but it's better than nothing and better than a negative number. the uptick in temporary employment is a good sign, usually the first thing that goes up and continuing to go up. long-term employment as a percentage of all employment finally went down this month. that's really a good sign. there's been uptick in restaurant and construction which are sort of the early signs of some recovery and the people will make a big note of the fact that manufacturing went down. that's actually a statistical anomaly and has to do with seasonal adjustments of auto industry. manufacturing was in the. >> you are leaving out the best piece of da from the report. with all due respect. earnings were up 0.3% and if you want to know how we get out, the flashlight that leads us out of
9:16 am
the dark tunnel is earnings of people with jobs. not the fate of the unemployed. if that's true, we would be always in recession. the people who are working make more money, spend more, cause others to be employed. that's how you get there and that's a good sign. that's held up relatively well over the past several months. and that's really when's propelled the recovery such as it's been and i just want to add something to what steve said which is that all the research done shows the time that it takes to get out of a financial crisis is measured in years and really abnormal relative to classic recessions up to five years, savannah. >> talk about the policy response if there is one left. steve, from your reporting i'm sure you know that the white house is considering, the president considering a range of options that potentially would be stimulative including payroll tax holidays and potentially infrastructure spending, certain small business tax credits. from what your sources telling
9:17 am
you at treasury, steve, does any one of these items have favor with the president? what do you think ultimately we are going to see? >> you know, all i know is i think what you know, there's a bunch of stuff under consideration and we are not hearing anything about one over the other. the payroll tax cut resisted for a while and looks like they're going that way. look, don't forget the realer -- more real numbers. 67,000 people employed. 14.9 million people unemployed. no matter how good the numbers are for months and months at a time, there's a very long way to go to get edmond safra what steve mentioned the long-term unemployed back to work. if government should ever be involved it is in the long-term unemployed because my feeling that the private sector has a hard time putting somebody back to work out of work for 99 weeks or longer. >> we have 30 seconds left. you had an interesting analysis today in "the washington post." they should be spending more on
9:18 am
infrastructure. bridges, roads. >> that's because this is a long-term problem and we need a long-term solution. for short-term jobs, hire people to dig holes enpeople to fill them in. we don't need that. we need investment in long-term payoff and worth spending for. >> people can read the article. very interesting. i think a lot of folks thought that's what they were getting out of big recovery package. that's another story for another day. thank you for your time. appreciate it. all right. still ahead, got labor day travel? hurricane earl may have other plans for you. coming up, we are live covering the massive storm as it makes its way up the eastern seaboard. plus, buzz kill. is ladies night unconstitutional? we'll talk to the lawyer who thinks so and sued coming up. but first, our "washington speak" for the day. we had you speaking like a special officer and now sitrep
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standing for situation report and means what's the latest? what's going on? for example, what's the sitrep on chuck today? that's confidential. got to keep a close hold. he'll be back on tuesday. if you have some "washington speak" for us to clarify, send us an e-mail. [ male announcer ] how about we open up a whole can of getting it done? and get this year's colors up on the wall...this year. let's get better prices... and better paint.
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make sure it's repaired with the right replacement parts. travelers. take the scary out of life. ♪ shake it to left shake it to the right ♪ oh, the bar scene. what's missing from that picture? a class action lawsuit, obviously. we kid. but you know, why is it okay for bars to charge men for more than women? one new york man says it's
9:23 am
unconstitutional lawyer roy holiander is representing men and several clubs were on occasion ladies pay less or get faster admission. he argues that because the clubs licensed to sell alcohol by new york state they're subject to the 14th amendment's equal protection clause which only applies to state actors. unfortunately, for him, the 2nd circuit court of appeals did not agree. they ruled against him on this week. they even called the pleadings lacking. as "the new york post" put it, lola can still get into the copa for free. good morning, sir. i'm sure you're disappointed about the lawsuit. before the legalities here, why -- just tell me your story. what made you want to sue over ladies night? >> the way it started is it was christmas eve 2006. i was standing waiting in line with a couple of my buddies
9:24 am
outside a club on 22nd street and it was cold outside. so we're standing there waiting to get in. the girls come by. they go in. they don't have to wait and they get in free. we, however, had to pay $20. i started thinking, wait a minute. this isn't fair. i brought the lawsuit. and also, if you read the law, the case decision by the 2nd circuit court correctly, and in detail, you will see that it only says it's not constitutional. it says it is not constitution alto have ladies nights where they charge men more for a drink than girls. however, it is permissible under this skigs to charge guys more for admission. you have to make a distinction whether a club charges guys more for admission for a club or charging guys more for a drink. >> all right. >> charging guys more for a drink is unconstitutional.
9:25 am
that's authority for anybody in any court in the land. >> you lost your lawsuit. we can get into that for a minute but just in order to sue and try to say this is a constitutional violation, you know, we are talking about private business here. you have to show that the private business, the bar in this case, is basically a state actor. basically, standing in the place of the state. otherwise, it doesn't work for this lawsuit. so how did you try to argue that the bars are actually representing the state? >> okay. well once again, according to the decision by the 2nd circuit, the state involved when you transfer the alcohol across the bar to somebody but the state not involved when you enter the door. when the guy shows up at the door and they charge him more, it is okay. because the state's not involved. the argument i used was a public function argument. the sale of alcohol has traditionally always been controlled by the state. both before prohibition and after prohibition.
9:26 am
>> wait a minute. wait a minute. >> that's the argument i used for -- >> okay. >> for state action. >> okay. but i mean, we only have about a minute left. the 2nd circuit rejected that argument and basically said, give us a break here. even though the state regulates the sale of alcohol, the state does not force these bars to charge any one thing. therefore, you're at a court. there's no link between what these private bars did and what the state forced them to do. >> but you see, that's just one test under state action. and that -- >> rejected all of it, yeah. >> the key argument is public function which is a different test. if you have a private entity doing what the state traditionally does, with the state traditionally has power to do then you have state action and that's the main part of the argument. not what you're saying. >> okay. but the court did -- i mean, didn't buy that argument either,
9:27 am
right? >> no. the court didn't address it. >> okay. >> that's what i'm going to present to the u.s. supreme court to see if they'll let me in which i doubt. >> okay. well, you already answered my question. you're going to the supreme court and not looking for damages, right? >> no. >> yeah. okay. all right. roy, it's an interesting case. keep us posted on what happens. >> will do. thank you. >> thank you. coming up, we're going to reveal the white house soup of the day. this one seems to be a friday favorite. plus, where will earl hit next? we're live in the storm zone from the outer banks to new england. president obama ready to turn the page back to the economy next week. so, big question is what's the plan? but first, today's trivia question and we conclude our week on secret service code names with this one. which former senator and one-time presidential candidate nicknamed "sun burn"? the answer and more coming up.
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bottom of the hour. let's look at what's driving the day. hurricane earl making a wet and windy impact. coastal residents from north carolina to maine expecting their share of heavy winds and big waves. we are going to have several live reports on the storm just ahead. investors hope to continue the recent rally on wall street. dow futures made a triple-digit jump after the jobs report announced this morning. defense secretary gates continues his visit to afghanistan today after a trip through the southern part of the country, gates said he was encouraged by the progress of the counterinsurgency effort there. other headlines on a friday, israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu and palestinian president abbas have agreed to continue peace talks. the leaders will meet in egypt later this month and then again roughly every two weeks to build on this week's discussions in
9:32 am
washington. another explosion on a gulf oil platform thursday, all 13 crew members on the platform located about 100 miles south of louisiana coast were rescued by coast guard crews and no oil appears to be linking. a bomb scare at miami international airport last night. hundreds evacuated. four concourses temporarily shut down and an airline passenger detained after a screener spotted something suspicious in a checked bag. maryland authorities found more explosive devices linked to the discovery channel standoff. they detonated them safely. virginia and maryland are starting to feel earl's affects. let's check in with the weather channel's julie martin in ocean city, maryland, this morning. good morning. how's it look? >> reporter: good morning, savannah. within just the past few minutes, the winds picked up. i was measuring gusts upwards of 30 miles per hour and seeing the
9:33 am
sand just blow straight across the beach now. winds out of the north-northeast. the surf picking up. this is low tide and see how ugly the sea looks right now. ocean city's mayor says no one allowed in the water and you can see why. now, these beaches remain open, however, throughout the day but it's a bad beach day all around. starting out about 11:00, 12:00, conditions get worse here. we should be seeing some of the outer bands in our area any minute now and then conditions start to rapidly deteriorate here. now, the hurricane watch is lifted for this area so we're expecting probably the equivalent here of a weak nor'easter coming through the delmarva peninsula, nothing new to them. they're used to it here and prepared for it. however, word to the wise. don't get on the roads. don't come in or out of maryland. wait for the storm to pass. it should do so by late this
9:34 am
afternoon, early this evening and many tourists in for a beautiful holiday. the only big danger here, savannah, the seas and those rough rip current which is are tick sti sticking around for a while. >> julie martin, thanks for the report. fema is tracking earl since it began the push to the atlantic coast. let's talk to craig fugate here in washington on the phone right now. sir, give us the lay of the land, what do you make of the storm right now? where do you think it's going to hit hardest? what are officials doing? >> well, you know, it's basically we think we have seen a lot of impacts in north carolina. looks like power lines down and minor impacts there as they do their assessments and turning attention up to massachusetts coast, and again, based upon the forecast and the winds, probably the next hardest hit area. but as you have heard earlier, dangerous surf conditions, dangerous, you know, marine
9:35 am
conditions. really stay off and out of the waters as the storm passes through. >> all right. craig fugate, here in washington, i know you are working hard. keep us posted on your efforts. thank you for your time. >> thank you. even a weakened hurricane earl brought rough weather to the north carolina coast. al reker is live for us in kill devils hills, north carolina. what do you think? >> well, you know, look. the good news is savannah, people were prepared and starting to repair in earnest yesterday. heeding any warnings. boarding up windows. getting the heck out of town, getting the visitors and tourists out of town. the good news is it didn't make landfall. it was about 85 at the closest about 85 miles offshore. but i got to tell you. it dropped down to a category 2. had this come on shore as a category 3, things would have been a lot different. if we had as you heard from craig fugate, minor flooding,
9:36 am
power lines down. we never lost power at our hotel or our part here at kill devil hills but, you know, for the most part it's okay. the folks that have to worry now are the folks up in new england, nantucket, cape cod. if it's going to make landfall in the continental united states, it is going to be there and, again, it's category 2. maybe even dropping down to a category 1. but for the most part, i think here in the outer banks we dodged a major bullet. savannah? >> all right. al, working hard from kill devils hills, north carolina, this morning, thank you. after a week focused on international issues, the president is ready to remind everyone getting americans back to work is number one priority and the u.s. correspondent for "the financial times" joins me now. as we have been hearing this week at the white house, we covered that building, the administration looking at a ring of options, stimulus seems to be a bad word at least politically.
9:37 am
and yet, these are some of the items the white house is looking at, perhaps a payroll tax holiday, infrastructure spending. what do you think's going to happen here? >> so much stigma attached to the word "stimulus" now that the white house will do everything they can avoid any package being called this. republicans call it all the same but i think regardless of what the administration does, it's too little too late. the first stimulus very unpopular. didn't feed through to the economy. people aren't feeling benefits of it. there's skepticism of secondary measures, especially if it adds to the deficit or looks like it costs money. so i think this is a really tricky task for the white house because they -- whatever they do, it's not going to have an affect before the elections and felt in the real economy and in fact probably quite unpopular for many democrats seeking reelection in november. >> setting aside the politics as hard as it is for folks in washington to do in terms of medicine for the economy, i
9:38 am
mean, is there anything looming out there? is there anything the administration is looking at right now with the potential to right this ship in a significant way? >> yeah, maybe over a period of time but the problem is it takes a long time to feed through into the economy and to be felt by ordinary people. so we see with the first stimulus package, still working its way through. a lot of money still hasn't been spent. so, it may work over time but not yet. it is not going to be a quick victory for president obama and his team. >> there is, of course, a couple of items on the schedule next week that people are lookinging hard at. a labor day speech on monday. wednesday, a big speech on the economy in cleveland and then friday a press conference. it is clear the white house is looking to turn the page. is it your sense the white house will or should roll out a bunch of items saying this is our plan to attack the economy now that recovery has slowed or do you think we'll see something more piecemeal?
9:39 am
>> i think something more piecemeal based on the history of this administration. they create lots of hype often and then expecting a big bold measure and then it's more half hearted than we expect and i think we'll see next week president obama announcing a series of measures but i think it will be more words at this stage and not so much action. >> you know, obviously, the president gets criticism for all quarters and some cases democrats who felt like, wow, we really want him to be talking about the economy right now as opposed to iraq or the middle east, certainly he had a vacation on martha's vin gard. on the other hand, just because we don't see him in the public eye talking about the economy doesn't mean he isn't necessarily working on this. do you think that the white house needs to be out every day talking about the economy? or do you think it's safe at this moment for him to be doing other things, for example, on foreign policy? >> yeah. i mean, he almost can't win, can he? i i think he needs to devote
9:40 am
more time to the economy. he is turning the page next week. but i think we have had so many other messages coming out like the mosque issue in new york. he didn't need to go there. that was noise, interference in the economic message. so i think if he sticks to the economy next week, continues to talk about this, and if it begins to seem that things are really happening, it is not just more rhetoric then voters will begin to believe him. >> anna, great to have you here, thank you. >> thanks. let's do our trivia. wrapping up the big week of secret service code names with a good one, too. which former senator and one-time presidential candidate nicknamed by the secret service "sunburn"? answer senator ted kennedy, running for the democratic presidential ticket back in 1980. coming up, the economy, the midterms and the changing face of the republican party. we'll tap into the gop's playbook with someone when's been there.
9:41 am
former house majority leader tom delay live with us next. reminder this sunday on "meet the press," 2010 senate debate series kicks off with florida republican rubio versus meek. that's this sunday "meet the press." check your local listings. first, the white house soup of the day. this is a common friday feature. cajun gumbo. host: could switching to geico really save you 15% or more on car insurance? did the little piggy cry wee wee wee all the way home? piggy: weeeeeee, weeeeeee, weeeeeee, weeeee weeeeeeee. mom: max. ...maxwell!
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oh, it's near and deer to me. on this date in 1977 after 168 fabulous episodes "the mary tyler moore" show went off the air. it won a record-setting 29 emmy awards and was honored with a peabody. well, moving on, with midterms less than two months away, the battle lines are
9:45 am
sharpening. control of congress hangs in the balance. if you believe the polls, the democrats are about to get ushed. are republicans ready to have power? joining us now former congressman and former house majority leader tom delay joining us from texas. good morning. nice to have you with us. >> good morning, savannah. >> i'll ask you to be more of a political analyst than a republican and be candid here. you know who's in power should republicans win control of congress, specifically, the house. do you think they're ready to govern? >> oh, they're definitely ready to govern. leadership is all in place. the kind of candidate that is are going to win are the kind of candidates the american people want the see happen. they'll be aggressive. they're looking at lowering the size of government, reducing the size of government instead of just looking at the deficit. they'll come in this a very aggressive manner. and i think it's exactly what the american people want the see. >> let's talk about what president obama has been saying
9:46 am
on the campaign trail. you can kind of boil down his basic pitch to the following sound bite. i'm going to play it. we'll talk about it on the other side. >> they say, we want the keys back. you can't have the keys back! you don't know how to drive! we don't want to go back into the ditch! >> so the basic argument from democrats is, you know, you don't have to look very far to figure out what republicans are going to do because their policy ideas are frozen in time from what they were under the bush administration. i mean, what -- how would you counter that? what are the new ideas coming out of the republican party that you have seen? >> first, savannah, this administration has been trying to bamboozle the american people since it took office. and the american people has lost all trust and they don't believe a word they say. so, that kind of rhetoric and trying to rewrite history of the bush years isn't going to work. and it's pretty -- it's pretty
9:47 am
empty particularly in light of the fact that the american people are scared to death of what the outcome's going to be because of obama policies and the policies of speaker pelosi and harry reid. >> okay. fair enough. you got that off your chest. fair enough. but straightforward question. what are some new republican ideas that they have on their agenda if they were to win power in congress? >> well, first and foremost, they have to reverse everything that the obama administration's done and if they don't repeal health care, health care reform, then they're going to be in big trouble. that's top on their -- top priority on their agenda. but their ideas are very solid. if you go to paul ryan, congressman ryan's road map for america, full of ideas. dealing with entitlements, medicaid, medicare, social security.
9:48 am
and the focus here, this different than other elections is big government. people know that the federal government is too big, spends too much. gets involved in our lives too much. and that's what people are focused on. not business as usual. >> do you think republicans should be campaigning this fall on repeal of health care because presumably the argument was what's the president doing focused on health care and the economy? wouldn't republicans be subject to that same criticism if they ran on a platform of repealing health care law and also take up a bunch of energy? >> no. all you have to say is health care reform is destroying our economy and will destroy it even more if it is allowed to go into effect. it's part of the economic equation. this administration and everything they have done has slowed down the economy, has hurt the economy and has hurt the future for this country and the american people know it. >> let me play you something i bet you've seen. it is some of the up and comers
9:49 am
in the u.s. house republicans who put together a video called "young guns." let's take a look. >> the new team is ready to bring america back. together, they are the young guns. innovative, energetic, forging new solutions. one book will outline a vision to restore america's prosperity. young guns. a new generation of conservative leaders. >> all right. well, i don't know if that makes you an old gun, mr. delay, what do you think of the approach here and the larger question of whether republicans should be putting forward a concrete agenda as it appears this book seeks to do? >> i wish they put a concrete agenda together many years ago, and certainly when obama became administration. but they have proposed alternatives to everything that the obama administration has proposed.
9:50 am
they have laid out a road map for the future. they're coming out in a week or so with a clear-cutting aing a of what they would do if they were taking over and what you're seeing is the new leadership -- you know, what's happening around the country, as i travel around the country is people are begging for leadership and these young guns and new young leadership, good conservative leadership had, are rising to the top. and people are seeing that the republicans have an incredible team coming on board if they take over in november that is going to be very aggressive and very exciting. >> a quick line, i don't have to tell you, the justice department dropped ethics charges against you recently. you still some stai state whats, we don't want to get into that unnecessarily what advice would you give to congressman charlie rangel, facing a lot of pressure to step down or resign. you were somebody in congress, you may feel you were run out of town on a rail. do you think he should hang in
9:51 am
there? >> if he is not guilty, he all the to hang in there if he is guilty, he ought to admit it and take the consequences. >> finally, one last heated competition, dancing with the stars, as a veteran, i got to ask you, who do you like in this one? >> i love the cast, i think there is going to be a great show. there is really no professional dancer on this cast for the first time in a long time so everybody somebody sort of starting out equal. my favorite is kurt warner because i think he is such a wonderful role model but bristol palin, florence henderson, i have to root for because i always root for the senior. and -- >> mrs. brady, how can you not? >> that is exactly right. >> tom delay, great to have your perspective on all things political and a little absurd at the end, couldn't resist. thanks. >> thank you. all right. coming up, things you find in water that really shouldn't be there. it is a special friday edition of the shallow end. remember, you can follow us any time at twitter at chuck todd,
9:52 am
taking welcome back messages now at savannah guthrie and at daily run down. our tweet of the day comes at bad buddha. contest sa guthrie just doesn't sound right that's true, mike viqueira. >> news conference at some point during the day next friday, contessa. they're discovering the first self-injectable ra medicine you take just once a month. it's simponi™, and taken with methotrexate, it helps relieve the pain, stiffness, and swelling of ra with one dose a month. visit to see if you qualify for a full year of cost support. simponi™ can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious and sometimes fatal events can occur, such as infections, cancer in children and adults, heart failure, nervous system disorders, liver or blood problems, and allergic reactions. before starting simponi™, your doctor should test you for tb and assess your risk of infections, including fungal infections and hepatitis b.
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before we go let's take a dip in the shallow end where we stay to avoid encounters with creatures like this an eight-foot shark caught to on the potomac. he chris dean caught this 300-pounder on tuesday, he said "we are going to need a bigger boat." it is a bull shark, one of the most dangerous in the world. an even bigger bull shark was trapped in the river next day. got to tell you one thing we definitely do not need here in
9:56 am
d.c., more sharks. last thing before we go, check out the pope's spiffy new shoes. pope benedict stepped out in these ruby red numbers at his summer residence this week. early in his papacy, there was a rumor that he favored prada footwear, good italian designer but the cobbler says he personally delivered these pair of shoes to his holiness next week. got all the news, the squeak done. that is it for "the daily rundown." next on msnbc, our coverage of the hurricane continue conditions. chris jansing will be here. then at 1:00, andrea mitchell reports. triumphant return of chuck todd next week, have a good weekend. stay safe. have a great one. when we grab a little spare time...and get after it. the home depot has all the right prices... and all the know start making things happen... less with our wallets... and more with our own two hands. more saving. more doing.
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i'm iris cross. bp has taken full responsibility for the clean up in the gulf and that includes keeping you informed. my job is to listen to the shrimpers and fishermen, hotel and restaurant workers and find ways to help. i was born in new orleans. my family still lives here. bp is gonna be here until the oil is gone and the people and businesses are back to normal... until we make this right. stay twice... earn a free night! two separate stays at comfort inn or any of these choice hotels can earn you a free night -- only when you book at hurricane earl is racing up the east coast. right now the category 2 storm is squirming to the east of virginia beach. what's impact and where is earl headed next? the nation's

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